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Needs-orientated care and nursing, occupation, therapy and a home for a better quality of life.

The Tanja residential home offers space for 12 severely disabled people 365 days a year.

The Tanja Foundation aims to support, promote and integrate socially disadvantaged people, in particular people with multiple disabilities who require a high level of care, in particular by renting out the Tanja residential home to the MitMänsch Foundation.

Founding idea and initiative

At the turn of the millennium, Sieny and Renato Berchtold took the initiative to build a residential home for people with physical and mental disabilities and set up a foundation for this purpose.

Location, competition and opening

After an intensive search for a location and countless discussions with the authorities, a public competition was launched for the construction project. The building constructed in the Ebnet neighbourhood in Bitsch was officially opened in August 2007.

MitMänsch Oberwallis as our operator

MitMänsch Oberwallis has been operating and managing the centre since 2010. The employees of MitMänsch Oberwallis run the centre in accordance with the MitMänsch Oberwallis Foundation's mission statement "co-determination, co-design and co-responsibility". They look after and support the residents in accordance with the purpose of the MitMänsch Oberwallis Foundation and its vision. MitMänsch Oberwallis is audited annually and recertified every three years in accordance with the ISO 9001 2015 standard.


Support and donate

Our claim: empathy, diversity, security

With heart and commitment

We create facilities and support projects to provide residents with care and support tailored to their personal situation.

Living in community

People with cognitive impairments, of different ages and genders, with different abilities, education and social backgrounds are at the centre of the Tanja Foundation.

A home worth living in

Our top priority is to ensure that every person in Tanja residential home feels safe and secure and receives the best possible support. This creates a home worth living in for everyone.

Multiple possibilities

The Tanja Foundation is authorised to take all measures that are related to the foundation's purpose "The support, promotion and integration of people with multiple disabilities"


Transparent funding

The Tanja Foundation treats the donations it receives with the utmost responsibility and openly explains how they are used in line with the foundation's purpose.

A home since 2007

The Tanja residential home in the Ebnet neighbourhood in Bitsch opened its doors in 2007 and has provided a loving home for all of its residents since it began operating.

The driving force behind our mission

Professional operation

The MitMänsch Oberwallis Foundation ensures the smooth operation of the residential home.

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Foundation board of the "Tanja Foundation"

Our dedicated Board of Trustees works on a voluntary basis to promote the vision and mission of the foundation.

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Quality standards and certifications

The Tanja Foundation fulfils the quality standards and certifications relating to its infrastructure and facilities

How you can help

The maintenance and upkeep of the dormitory requires considerable financial outlay. That is why the Tanja Foundation continues to rely on donations. Your donation to the Tanja Foundation is the key to being able to make vulnerable investments or other measures worthy of support and thus make a positive difference to life in the Tanja residential home. As the landlord of the residential home, it enables us to ensure the quality of life we expect. In this way, the Tanja Foundation provides a supportive environment for the people who find a home in the Tanja residential home.

Support us now and help create a home worth living in.

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